Pricing Plans

Price Guide

Our cost approach is to provide our clients with a budget and lifestyle relevant design and decorating solution without the hefty designer price tag. 


Stage one: Free* 2 hour consultation


During this first consultation we work with you to discover the exact style you are after, how each of your spaces is used, what’s important to you plus your budget. We also share examples of looks to ensure we are on the same page when it comes to creating your dream space. *Please note, consultations that go over the two hour time limit will be charged $80 per hour.

Stage two: We can create your vision board

As stage we present to you a vision board which will show you an array of products ideas as well as a suggested look and feel based on what was established/discussed at the consultation stage.

This give you a great opportunity to provide honest feedback during a 60 minute complimentary Zoom call.

Stage three: Initial sourcing & proposing

Firstly we create a simple tailored design proposal which will be broken down as follows;

a.  Suggested furniture selections

b. Complementary larger decor items like rugs, mirrors, pendant lights and art

c. Final small decor items


Each of the three stages above will be presented as a tailored design proposal via a digital design board, where you can see how the pieces will work together.


Stage four: Furniture & Homewares purchase

On approval of stage one we will purchase all approved items. In the proposal above we will include furniture from our dedicated suppliers which allows us to unlock great wholesaler discounts for you.

All furniture from our major wholesalers come with a 3 year warranty, so where possible we would recommend using this resource (though you are most welcome to select items from other retailers and pay for them directly should you so desire).

If you spend the below amounts across any of our wholesalers you will receive;

- Spend 30K+ Receive 30% Off R.R.P
- Spend 10k+ Receive 20% Off R.R.P
- Spend <10k Receive Trade 

Stage four: Installation and decorating

The below price guide gives you an idea of how much a full project may cost based on the rooms included in each package.
If further rooms are required in any package, a full cost proposal will be presented after the initial consultation. Please note the below prices are for services (styling & installation) only and do not include any products or sourcing of products. Sourcing is finalised in stage one.

No job is too big or small, whether you just want help to transform one room or you want to transform your entire house, our motto
is to create your dream space one room at a time...

Sample Price Guide*

A. Concept & Sourcing only
Price: $1520.00 AUD



Longer consultation, proposal & brief, extra sourcing at 2 days. 

Exclusions: Set-up & fit-out

B. Standard 3 Bedroom house 

Price: $2695 AUD


3 Bedrooms, Kitchen, Dining, Main Living Area, Media, Main Bathroom, Outdoor (Exc. Kitchen)

The team at Interiors By Biku will coordinate any trades and put your newly purchased furnishings in place and finish them off with décor pieces.

* Standard house is based on a home under 400 metres squared

C. Standard 1 Bedroom apartment

Price: $1100 AUD

1 Bedroom, Kitchen, Dining, Living Area

The team at Interiors By Biku will coordinate any trades and put your newly purchased furnishings in place and finish them off with décor pieces.

 If you don’t need a full room or house set-up we can work on a hourly based rate. Just fill out the enquiry form below.